"The heart afraid to leave her shell, demands a hundred yards as well..." W.H. Auden
Welcome to the chronicles of my life. I demand too much, ask for too much, too much, but sometimes I can’t get enough. I welcome the world with my arms beyond the visual and beyond the five senses. It is a world yet to be discovered; so what is the world exactly? What does the world have to offer?
I struggle to defy stereotypes and confide in the conventional. I am attempting to offer a riper view of the world. I am my historian.
September 2014
  1. pixies
  2. is it pms or is it really me?
  3. old summer palace (yuanmingyuan)
  4. schwarma
  5. masterchef
  6. ice wine
  7. okcupid is hilarious
  8. charli xcx, the xx, m83, pixies
  9. schimmel
  10. architecture of hospitals
  11. puppy meet up
  12. yogaaa
  13. english golden retrievers
  14. iphone 6………
  15. hui people
  16. typography
  17. isis
  18. any given time, america is at 30 wars
  19. upcycling magazines into coasters
  20. sierra katow
  21. dogs can have alergies
  22. calligraphy!
  23. groaning cake
  24. seance
  25. geri hirsch is engaged!
  26. osu vs uc
  27. maple syrup is darker later in spring
  28. agents of shield!
  29. my anaconda don’t
  30. dalai lama