"The heart afraid to leave her shell, demands a hundred yards as well..." W.H. Auden
Welcome to the chronicles of my life. I demand too much, ask for too much, too much, but sometimes I can’t get enough. I welcome the world with my arms beyond the visual and beyond the five senses. It is a world yet to be discovered; so what is the world exactly? What does the world have to offer?
I struggle to defy stereotypes and confide in the conventional. I am attempting to offer a riper view of the world. I am my historian.
July 2014
  1. Wishlist: vinyls and a record player, become mean, pizza oven, MK handbag, Sling purse
  2. marshall at 3:37  (army pants)
  3. fun game for passengers: what song is playing (1 pt for artist + title; 0.5 for artist or title only, 0.5 XC for album)
  4. Sounds of Fashion Week (Songza), Weezer, Arctic Monkeys again, The Who, Nirvana, Counting Crows, Everclear, The Pixies
  5. watercolors are fun
  6. made my first t-shirt hobo purse!
  7. homemade sriracha
  8. hirsutism
  9. perfecting the perfect creamy mac+cheese
  10. masterchef!
  11. now i have an extra calculator, thank you kind person
  12. macula lutea
  13. i think I popped something in my right ear
  14. I <3 Melissa McCarthy, Loni Love, Rebel Wilson
  15. Unreal Quail Egg
  16. drum covers…
  17. meat glue…
  18. i <3 upcycling: crayons, circle scarf from tshirts, pom-pom balls from tshirts,
  19. Rothschild…
  20. Kill Bill 1 + 2, 22 Jump Street,
  21. fly lice
  22. new phone!
  23. beauty marks
  24. 1 <3 Quora
  25. Age of Ultron! And Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!!!
  26. mytaboofamily
  27. Going to practice Buddism